About Us

A Few Words About Us

Organization for Poor, Economical and Needs (OPEN)

We Voluntary Help for Almost 1,000's of People

Organization for Poor, Economical and Needs (OPEN), Regd. No. 57/1993, is a registered Voluntary Organization working in different districts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh States. We have been successfully implementing various Developmental and Welfare Programs for the benefit of the poor and needy.

Organization for Poor, Economical and Needs (OPEN) a vision of community of unified rural population, across parochial caste lines and the gender divide, with increased survival capacity in a rapidly changing political economy, with food security, where children, especially the girl child, have a childhood, education and secure future. We help the people in the neglected segment make their way out of poverty. We provide skill base training, resources and support to help people launch an activity. For seeking employment or self employment Organization for Poor, Economical and Needs (OPEN) conduct vocational and professional training for the self sufficiency of the poor women.


We believe that people who are educated and healthy and recognized as equal global citizens have greater opportunities. Our vision is that empowered equitable relationships will ultimately drive the evolution of development and help to succeed and improve their quality of life.


We are on a mission to help people enjoy equality and equal opportunity, and have a positive impact on society. Ultimately this begins with empowerment and we believe it is the main way in which people can achieve their potential and for communities to become the architects of their own success.


Our values are what we are most proud of, and they are the same now as when we first started:
Compassion – above all else, any organization acting to ‘serve humanity’ has to show compassion to individuals.
Integrity – we believe in acting with fairness and with a belief in doing things the right way.
Equality – helping people realize their long-term dreams and ambitions without discrimination starts with recognizing people for their qualities and potential.
Collaboration – we always work in partnership with communities and have a ‘level playing field’ view where solutions are discussed and decided together. Local ownership is always uppermost in our minds, as is shared responsibility.
Confidence – everyone has dreams for a better life and control over their future, and just by giving people the confidence and self-esteem to believe in their potential is an important first step to working towards their ambitions.
Transparency – everything we do is discussed and agreed in partnership and we work together to monitor our impacts, justify our expenditure and report back to donors, supporters and stakeholders. We use a value or money approach throughout the project cycle to ensure economy, efficiency and effectiveness.


  • I will serve every single member of my village, irrespective of gender, religion, caste, creed or economic status.
  • I now consider your life, is as important to me as my own life.
  • Your wellbeing is as important to me, as my own wellbeing.
  • I personally pledge, to do everything, in my power to enable you to, lead a life full of good health and well being.
  • I promise to give you the ability, to have a good life.
  • I will act as a professional, at all times and operate strictly in accordance, to the guidelines prescribed for my work.
  • I will constantly strive, to build my capacity to heal you and will not rest until you are well.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To establish education institution like Special schools, Training schools, Technical and Professional Colleges.
  2. To develop social, cultural and ethical standards of the society in general social work projects and women welfare programs.
  3. To organize, establish, run aid, take over and develop hostels, orphanages, care home for the students, destitute, orphans etc...
  4. To establish and run libraries, reading rooms etc. for the benefit of the children, students, teachers as well as general public.
  5. To establish adult educational centers to promote literacy among the poor.
  6. To help the deserving poor and the needy and by providing medical facilities and care centers.
  7. To reduce disability among children and adult and to undertake rehabilitation of disabled children and adults.
  8. To develop backward village and weaker sections of people through integrated socio-economic activities in horticulture, youth training, women and child welfare activities and improve the living conditions of the villagers and slum dwellers.
  9. Comprehensive health and nutrition services by setting up Community Health Facilities, Mobile Medical Care, Handicapped care and Day-care Centers for children.
  10. To help the needy and poor irrespective of caste and creed with supply of clothing, books food and medical aid whenever necessary and possible and in particular feeding and clothing and giving medical aid to needy and slum dwellers.